Rankflippr Ripoff Report

Rank Flippr Ripoff-Paul Lynch Scam

Welcome to rankflipprscam.org Please watch my video and leave your comments below. I apoligise for the quality of the video as I am not experienced at making videos and am not good on voice overs. I could have got someone to do it for me but I felt that it was important to do this myself. Even though i felt out of my comfort zone (I apoligise for any bad language!)

This site and video were created for one express purpose. And that is to expose rankflippr.com for the way I have been ripped off and treated by rankflippr. It appears from the whois information that rankflippr.com is owned by Russell Brunson and dotcomsecrets.com as shown below.

Domain name: rankflippr.com
Registrant Contact:
Russell Brunson ()
10280 W. Ustick Rd.
Boise, ID 83704
It appears it was a joint effort between both Russell Brunson and Paul Lynch. In fact the person who I had the most contact with is Paul Lynch and he is the one that either read my emails and replied or decided not to reply. I have had no contact with Russell Brunson.

The two domains I purchased in November 2012 are as mentioned throughout the video.

This Is A Sales Video For Rankflippr. Watch The Video Below And Note The First  Domain They Mention. I BOUGHT THIS!!!


http://worldniketrade.com and http://thecountrycottagestore.com
The whois information for these sites is as follows.

worldniketrade.com is owned by Paul Lynch’s company, search dot com limited as below. I do not know the current registrant of thecountrycottagestore.com

Registrant: Search Dot Com Limited
Creation Date: 2012-02-12
Expiry Date: 2014-02-12
Nameserver: ns1.hostxdns.com
Nameserver: ns2.hostxdns.com

THESE ARE MY DOMAINS! And from the first video you can see that I paid $495usd and $350usd for a total of $845 for just the domain names, and then of course extra for the cpr packages. I bought these domains because of their slick sales video. And like a fool i believed them.

Being just a normal working man and as I age I worry about the future and so was seeking an ‘Honest’ way to make money online. I believed that with the backlinks and the domain age and also the cpr packages I would finally be able to make some money, even if it was just some extra money from adsense etc.

I am so sick and tired of being ripped off by companies like rankflippr and people like Paul Lynch.

They take our money and then do not deliver what was promised. I am sure that all these so called ‘gurus’ consider us like fish in a pond. They try to lure us in with their fancy sales videos and all their lies and deceit. And guess what the bait is? They bait their hooks with our hopes and our dreams.

Is it not time to begin to use the internet to expose these frauds? I have also put this video on youtube and am just about to go live there as well. I will promote this video in any way that will spread it around the net.

Have not reported rankflippr yet to ripoff report as once someone is on there site it cannot be taken off. And I guess I am also a decent person who does not want to hurt anyone unneccesarily.

My plan is to send one more email to Paul Lynch at rankflippr.com and if I still do not get an answer back then I will proceed without hesitation. Please leave any comments and suggestions below as i could really use a little advice and support.

Rankflippr Scam has now Been Reported To The Sites Below.

I just came across this on the net from http://scamadvisor.com


I have just reported rankflippr.com to The Ripoff Report


Another update 07/07/2013 on Paul Lynch and rankflippr scam

Have just reported to this site also


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